The ice Cream

Our work is the transformation of raw materials into ice cream, which is considered genuine since we do not use any type of additives, preservatives, emulsifiers or dyes.
The ice cream is produced daily in the laboratory adjacent to the business. To involve the customer in the exclusive consumption of genuine products, we offer ice cream flavors made with carefully selected products, such as hazelnut and pistachio.


The Pastry

The new generation continues with great passion the pastry tradition, making "Vivoli style" cakes for any type of event. We have a large selection of cookies, tarts and rice puddings, which are prepared daily in our laboratory.

The Semifreddo

Another specialty that nobody can miss is the semifreddo or semi frozen desserts, which are made with high quality cream. Within our selection of frozen desserts we have the millefoglie”, the “zuccotto” (Florentine specialty) and the “marengo   made with puff pastry, sponge cake and meringues of our own production. You can find them either in monoportions or in cakes for events.

The affogato

In Vivoli  the affogato is known as "The great coffee cream", which combines the best elements: the sweet and cold from the ice cream and the bitter and hot from the coffee.


Vivoli's products